Holland Pharmacy is a true community pharmacy. We provide personalized service. Our staff is friendly, attentive and will cater to you in a way that fits your needs. We fill your prescriptions quickly and accurately, while we monitor your medications for side-effects, drug interactions, and cost effectiveness. Whether you are filling a regular prescription for long-term use, or a new medicine to combat a short-term condition, you can always be assured of the latest modern prescription drug services. Holland Pharmacy is local and we are active in our community by providing donations to schools and community causes. We are not just a pharmacy, we are your pharmacy and your health is important to us.


Claire Buckley Mackiewicz (Mack-a-witz) and her staff maintain a helpful and friendly atmosphere at the Holland Pharmacy. “Your Health is Important to Us” is the motto of the pharmacy and is enacted by accurate filling of prescriptions and personal interaction with customers concerning their health related needs. The pharmacy stocks a wide selection of merchandise including vitamins and herbs to promote wellness. There is a card and gift section as well as various sundry items to offer a convenient shopping experience for the community.

Claire bought the pharmacy in 1995 from her father, Joseph Buckley, upon his retirement. He had been the owner of the pharmacy since 1966 and was able to pass on a very healthy business to his daughter. She remodeled the façade and some of the interior in 2005 to bring the décor into the 21st century! The business has had its ups and downs like most other businesses but has survived through these cycles and continues to provide the community of Holland with a vibrant and professionally run pharmacy.

The Holland Pharmacy employs 2 full-time and 9 part-time individuals which include 2 pharmacists, 2 pharmacy techs, 4 clerks, 2 stockboys and 1 spouse who checks up on his wife, the owner.